We bring top quality services to the grassroots

  Since 2012, Ayoungis EdubizWorld has been the joy of academic success to many lives.   Each year, we enroll more than 600 students for JAMB and maintain  a 89%  rate of admission into various higher institutions of learning,.  

We generate excitement for learning

 We use human-centered design processes and create new instructional  model designs (Blended learning models, Competency-based learning,  Project-based learning and more) that re-imagine the use of time, space,  and resources to increase student engagement and achievement 

We leverage our connections

  We operate in partnership with a number of schools, IT companies and institutions including but not limited to: · Interswitch financial inclusion services (IFIS) - Quickteller · Classic Educational Advancement Center, Ibadan · Champions International College · APPZONE Ltd, Lagos Nigeria · Oduduwa University, Ile – Ife  

We provide a resource to help you succeed

Ayoungis  provides training resources for  candidates preparing to take GCE, WAEC,JAMB,TOEFL,GRE etc.. Whether you are writing the  Final Examination through or a studying for the qualifying module, we have  amazing support available for you. 

We prepare you for life on campus

 There is no such thing  as preparing too early for campus. Ayongis have special programs to prepare you for . taking the right advanced courses and give you the tools to pick the right course of study. We guide you about the university that you are interested in and help you plan a visit  when you can 

We celebrate your success

At Ayoungis  Edubiz World, we hold periodic award events to celebrate the successes of our student   Not having someone to help guide you in the right direction can only make your study  life more difficult. That's why  we provide you a  mentor to help you  understand yourself better and show you the best paths to take. 

Job Placement Services

We Offer Job Recruitment and Placement Services

  AYOUNGIS JOB SPOT is a recruitment agency aimed at creating a global network of highly adept intelligent workforce that can help any organization achieve her goals With the glaring herculean task involve in getting a trustworthy, loyal, honest, effective and efficient work force that can guarantee productivity, most vision driven establishments have  led to outsourcing
Our job placement services include:

  • · Recruitment of quality and competent human personnel for our clients/ organizations.
  • Conducting professional interviews and assessment test for our clients/organizations
  • Negotiating staff salaries and benefits with our clients viz a viz recruits so as to suit the organization’s financial budget
  • Organizing trainings, seminars and workshops for staff at little or no costs so as to improve staff productivity (e.g Computer/ICT training, Leadership/Management skill training, work ethics and behavioral training, etc.)
  • Monthly Follow up/ monitoring of staff performances thereby reducing worries and concerns for Management. 

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